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Call Us Today!
504-521-7856 / 504-834-1400 / 800-748-TAXI (8294)
Call Us Today!
504-521-7856 / 504-834-1400 / 800-748-TAXI (8294)

Customer Service

Courteous, Fast, and Dependable!
We pride ourselves on our top notch, friendly service.  If you wish to speak to a manager about your experience with Star Cabs, please call Brittany at 504-834-4561. Thank You for using Metairie’s most dependable cab service.
Lost and Found: If you left something behind in one of our vehicles, we will do everything we can to make sure you are reunited with that item as quickly as possible.  Call our office right away and we will immediately begin looking for your item.  Remember, customer service is our top priority.
Should you have a question or complaint about any part of your transportation experience, please, call (504) 834-4561 or e-mail ( our office.
Star Cabs, Inc. has a Zero Tolerance for Drug and Alcohol.  Being under the influence of a drug or alcohol on the job poses serious safety and health risks to the user and to all those who work with the user.  The use, sale, purchase, transfer, distribution, manufacture or possession of an illegal drug in the workplace, and the use possession, or being under the influence of alcohol also poses unacceptable risks for safe, healthy and efficient operations.
 Star Cabs, Inc. recognizes its obligations to its passengers for the provision of services that are free of the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol and will endeavor through this policy to provide drug and alcohol –free services.
 Star Cabs, Inc. further expresses its intent through this policy to comply with federal and state and Jefferson Parish rules, regulations or laws that relate to the maintenance of a workplace free from illegal drugs and alcohol.
 As a condition of operating this company, Star Cabs, Inc., all drivers are required to abide by the terms of this policy and notify passengers that they can report drivers whom passengers suspect have violated the Zero Tolerance Policy. 
To report a driver you suspect has violated the Zero Tolerance Policy, please call (504) 834-4561 or email ( our office.
Or you may call the Department of Property Maintenance Zoning and Quality of Life at: 
Complaints Hot Line:  504-364-3540
East Bank Office:   504-736-6961
West Bank Office:  504-364-3505

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Star Cabs
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504-521-7856 / 504-834-1400
800-748-TAXI (8294)
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